About Me

Our lives are full of liminal moments. Photography is my way in which I attempt to capture those fleeting moments.  While my background is in social work, my passion lies in photography. I love the opportunity to connect with another person through my lens and the challenge of telling their story in an image.

If you think about your favorite photograph, it usually isn't the posed family portrait, but often times it may be the slightly off-center, out of focus snapshot of a treasured moment that you hold inside your memory.  A moment, that when you look at the photo, brings back the smell, the scene, the feeling of being there again.  These are the pictures I love. My style is not posed and perfect, and neither are my photos. I love the candid moments, the moments that capture the true spirit and energy of the person I am photographing. 

My Liminal Moments is a blog that showcases my hobby and love of photographs and writing. Thank you for visiting.