About Me

My life is full of liminal moments. Photography is a way in which I attempt to capture those moments so years from now I can look back and remember that feeling the moment elicited.  While my background is in social work, my passion lies in photography. I think in photographs, I feel a creative drive and love to take a photograph that tells a story.

If you think about your favorite photograph, it usually isn't the posed family portrait, but often times it may be the slightly off-center, out of focus snapshot of a treasured moment that you hold inside your memory.  A moment, that when you look at the photo brings back the smell, the scenery, the feeling of being there again.  These are the pictures I love. My style is not posed and perfect, and neither are my photos. I love the candid moments, the moments that capture the true spirit and energy of the person I am photographing. Whether it be the wise eyes of my grandmother or the excitement of what it feels like to turn 5 years old, I love the challenge of grasping that split second of time.

My Liminal Moments is a blog that showcases my hobby and love of photographs and writing. Thank you for visiting.