Friday, May 6, 2016

A Burger and a Beer

You know how you make plans to meet up with a friend you have not seen in years and there is that unspoken nervousness prior to meeting about where to start, what to say? How do you cram everything and nothing that has happened in your life over the past few years into a two hour lunch date? Do you bring up the tough stuff you have struggled with? Do you talk about the stupid, inconsequential stuff that has annoyed you? Do you apologize for not keeping in better touch throughout the years? 

And then you see her, and you forget everything you worried about. You both spill your guts over a grilled chicken salad and Diet Coke (and both later admit you wished you ordered a burger and beer- and eventually do) and stay until the dinner crowd begins to roll in and you realize you were able to pick up where you left off, to talk about everything both heavy and light, to cry a little bit and to laugh a lot. That is a good friend.

That is where I will pick up with my blog. No apologies for time that has passed without connecting. No nervousness about what to write or excuses as to where I have been and what I have been doing. A true friend does not hold you to your faults, but understands that life happens; time escapes us all and we sometimes get caught up in that hamster wheel, unable to see outside our cage. So, taking a step off the wheel and opening the cage, I have decided to check back in with two old friends, my blog and my camera. They both welcomed me with open arms.

Love & Light,

Here are some photographic clues as to where I have been hiding the past few months. 

 My cousin Greg with his daughter, Marley. The Keller Termite Shop was the name of our Papa's wood shop. Greg got us all t-shirts for Christmas. Love him. 

 Basketball season did not disappoint. 

 My nephew Drew turned 7 in February. I love this boy. 
 My mom's dog Luke. 
 Salvage yard photos. A photographer's dream.

 Some pregnancy photos with friends. 

 This sweet girl and her mama. Love. 

 Cole in his Rubik's cube competition and the cousins coloring eggs with Nana. 

And my boys.

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