Monday, February 2, 2015

I Heart February

February has arrived. I am grateful that it only holds 28 days as it is my least favorite month. Skies are gray, the days are cold and my energy feels stagnant. So when a friend sent me the February iHeartFaces photo challenge, I thought it would help keep my creative self from a month of hibernation. 

I love that these prompts can elicit such a variety of perspectives. I can take them literally and photograph what most people would associate a word or phrase to mean or I can be completely abstract making one really think in order to see the connection. I suppose it will just depend on my mood and my ability or inability to think creatively that day. My goals are two fold. I want to take new photos and not use photos I have stored on my hard drive and I want to use my big camera despite the convenience of my iPhone. 

Day One. "I am…" This seems like the most challenging theme of the whole month. I was not even sure where to start with that one. I am... a woman or a runner? I am... tired or eating a bagel? The endless possibilities are almost more frustrating than a more specific prompt. Should I be all introspective and spiritual or should I stay relatively simplistic? After too much thought on two words that most people spend a lifetime trying to define, I took the short cut and decided to keep it simple. What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say, "I am…", of course, a mother.

 I LOVE this photo. I love it because you can see me in it. I love that the glass door is filthy with handprints and wet dog nose. I love the boys faces and how Jeter just snuggles right in. I love that this is my view when I look through my door. 

 And I love the outtakes.

February 2
Day Two. "Leap" 

This is how Jeter welcomes the boys home from school every day. He leaps into their arms. I thought it was a perfect photo to speak to the word "leap".

And my other favorite, Nolan's jump shot. With a few more outtakes below. 

February is not feeling so glum after looking through my lens today. 

Love & Light,

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