Sunday, January 25, 2015

Beach and Bead Board

So here is my successful attempt at finding the ultimate resistance to write or meditate or do any of the soul nourishing things I planned for myself in the New Year.

The past two weeks of my life have consisted primarily of sand, prime, paint and repeat. My triceps ache and my fingers occasionally go numb. However, there is a deep (I'd high five myself if I could lift my arms) satisfaction in knowing that I did this! (With help from the hubby of course). 

I will admit there were moments that I wanted to cry and question why I started this project. And yes, the boys probably played more video games the past two weekends than I would allow in a year. But there is that one moment when I saw it all come together and it could have been the paint fumes or the sawdust I inhaled, but I got all giddy with excitement. 

Oh how I love bead board. I want to bead board my life. It makes everything look richer.

And yes, why not paint those ugly gold doorknobs that I have been wanting to replace for 14 years! Oh Pinterest, how I hate but love you. 

All my photos were taken quickly and without much artistic flare because I was afraid if I took out my camera I would never return to the actual project. 

And I love it…

These are taken at night so I will have to take some daytime photos because just walking in my kitchen makes me happy! It has a beachy sort of charm and since the likelihood of me ever owning a beach house is slim, why not bring it to the home I am in? It looks as though what started out as resistance to inner growth, actually became self created soul nourishment in the end. Just a little bit of beach and bead board.

Love & Light,


  1. Great Job!! You are inspiring me!! xo Carrie

  2. OMG Stace...I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.....Come here and help me with mine! It is gorgeous and I love the beach theme....i have incorporated beach into almost each room of my house. We are soul sisters, my friend. I want to live in your kitchen. What is the draped lighting? xo, Me