Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A White Wedding

I was honored to be asked to photograph a five year vow renewal ceremony a few weeks ago. The bride told me she and her husband renew their vows every year as she slips back into her original ivory gown. She wears the same diamond necklace and blue flip flops as she tells me there are still stains on the bottom of the dress from the wedding day five years ago. This remark sits with me as I think about my gorgeous wedding gown, immaculate, vacuum sealed in an enormous box in my bedroom closet. I find myself feeling a bit sad that something so beautiful has been imprisoned for fifteen years and probably will be there for another decade or two. Part of me wants to tear open the box, throw on the gown and twirl wildly around to 80's songs in my bedroom. I can just envision my boys' faces as they open my bedroom door to find me spinning in circles to Madonna's "Like A Virgin". Yes, mom has officially lost it. Maybe if I had daughters who would join me in a fashion show rocking it out to Billy Idol's "White Wedding" ballad, I could be convinced to slice open that vacuum seal. 

Anyway, I was touched to be a part of this special ceremony with this sweet family. I came home to have the conversation with Brian about the possibility of renewing our vows one day. On our 15 year wedding anniversary I am not sure we changed out of sweatpants. There is something endearing about taking the time each year to really celebrate and honor your union as a couple and a family. I think next year I might get crazy, and have a little 'White Wedding' vow renewal ceremony. I will probably have to call my sister to talk me through cutting the vacuum seal on the dress box.  She will give me the speech about only living once and your boys are never going to wear it (hopefully) so you should enjoy it while you can still fit into it.  Then I will bust out in lyric "Hey little sister, what have you done? Hey little sister, who's your only one? It's a nice day for a white wedding, it's a nice day to start again…"
 Thank you Mr. Billy Idol, it IS a nice day for a white wedding!

Love & Light,

Here are some photographs of the gorgeous ceremony.

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