Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Captain Joins Our Crew

Nolan started Kindergarten and Cole began third grade as the school year launched off the month of September. 

Everyone was asking me weeks prior to the first day of school if I was feeling emotional about sending off my baby to Kindergarten. I really was not. However in retrospect, I may have been in deep denial as I decided to distract myself with surprising the boys with a "little" gift as they got off the bus on their first day. 

(Thank you to my friend Laura for taking this video.)

Welcome to the family, Jeter. Named of course after The Captain, our favorite Yankee, Derek Jeter. 

(This picture was taken by my friend Tasha. This is the first time I met Jeter. We drove 2 hours one way to get him!)

Nolan taught Jeter to go down the slide. I have never met a dog who loves the slide as much as he does!

I don't have as many photos of Cole with Jeter yet, but I plan on writing soon about how much Cole has changed since Jeter arrived. I thought Nolan would be Jeter's partner in crime, but Cole has a bond with this puppy that I need time to find the words to articulate. It is truly remarkable.

Now we are complete.

Love & Light,

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