Monday, July 14, 2014

Post Photo Blues

I have been taking photographs. In fact I have been busier than usual taking photographs, which often translates into months of my personal photographs idly sitting on my hard drive waiting to be sorted, edited and categorized. If I am not careful, what was once a fun project becomes a burdensome task. It is funny where the tipping point lies, I suppose this is true for everything. 

However, I feel some sort of sadness to let a good photo go to waste; once promised with grande intentions of becoming a print on my wall, now buried on a disk with 5,000 other promising photos of moments I could not let escape my lens. I plan to alleviate my post photo blues by posting a few of my favorite summer moments as they come. I don't have to edit them perfectly or promise I will print them for display. The moments can linger here just as they are for reminiscing of sweet summertime.

Love & Light,

Cole throwing rocks into his grandparent's field behind their log cabin in NY.

Sunset view from my in-law's cabin in NY.

It is more challenging to photograph a sunset than I thought. 

Brian reliving his childhood.

 Canandaigua Lake,  New York

Fishing. Our new summer pastime.

 Cole, Brian and Brian's dad. I love this photo.

A rare photo shoot with mom. 

Brian drives his nieces and nephew around in the tractor at his parent's house.

Love a man on a tractor!

 LOVE my nieces and nephew!

Uncle Chris teaches Nolan to swim and float! He also taught me to swim when I was Nolan's age! The boys love to visit Aunt Jane and Uncle Chris in Syracuse, NY. 

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  1. Love the summer picks Stacy! So fun to see your boys growing up. My parents had a blast with you and the boys at the pool. Wish I could have been there. Love ya- Greg