Wednesday, July 30, 2014

On Being an Aunt

My second oldest niece is starting her senior year in high school. I took her senior photos a few weeks ago in New York. I vividly recall the day she was born, and watching her through the glass window in the hospital nursery as she slept all swaddled in her little plastic bin with her name barely legible written on the side. "She is the most beautiful baby in there," I say to Brian. "Of course she is," he replies. 

Samantha (Sam), is the only Chizuk girl that has the same color hair as Brian. Her sweet golden ringlets would wrap around my finger when she was a toddler. I made her sign a contract when she was 9 years old that she would never be too big to sit in Aunt Stacy's lap and get hugs; she grew taller than me by the time she turned 12. However, she will still allow me to hug her and ask all those invasive boyfriend questions that a good aunt should ask. 

Watching my nieces grow into beautiful young women is bittersweet. I miss Sam and her sisters' running embrace when we pull into the driveway to see them, but now I look forward to going for a run with Sam and hearing all about life as a teenager. My neices give me the gift of being an aunt to girls, which is markedly different than being a mother to boys, and for that I am grateful.

Love & Light,

Sam holding Cole in 2005.

Sam and I at Brian's oldest brother's wedding. 

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  1. She is the perfect combination of Kevin & Abbie!