Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bug Off

There are bugs falling from the sky. Literally. Inchworms parade around as yo-yo's unraveling from the heavens. I pull these measly little turds out of my hair as though it is an everyday occurrence. Today I killed another stink bug in my house that was the size of a small cat. My neighbor and good friend told me that the those little black balls all over our backyard decks that we assumed was pollen is actually inchworm crap and I cannot play a little game of baseball outside without being swarmed by gnats. My head itches all the time and I am not sure if the bites on my legs are actually real or psychosomatic. I am BUGGED out. Oh, and the mosquitoes have not even arrived yet; and THEY are my arch enemy.

Love & Light,

Here are some photos from our most recent rain storm. My boys are the crazies running around in the monsoon rain instead of hiding inside and me chasing them around with my camera. 

 The boys talked Mishka into joining them. 

And my favorite photo of the week. Cole catching and Tae pitching. Brian giving them the pep talk.

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