Sunday, March 16, 2014

Opening Day

Cole was the Yankee's opening day pitcher. He was amazing. I paced and cheered and could not sit down for two hours. A friend of mine came over after the game and said that Brian must work with Cole all the time because he was outstanding. I told her that he does play often with his dad (who coaches the team) but that he begs me to play catch with him almost every day after school, sometimes he pitches to me for over an hour. While Cole pitches he talks to me about his day; baseball has always been our bond, a porthole to our own way of communicating. 

The thing about pitching, just from my own point of view, you can't think about it too much. If you start thinking about your form, the pitch, the batter, the crowd, you have relinquished your control of the pitch to everyone or everything else that surrounds you. However if you approach the mound knowing it is just you and your mom playing catch for fun, you believe that you are CC Sabathia. 

"I see great things in baseball." ~Walt Whitman
(Me too Walt).

Here are a few too many photos of an overly proud Mom. 

Love & Light,

 This was Brian talking to Cole before he bats. I almost deleted the blurry photo of the two of them below but there was something captivating about it that I liked. 

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