Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cardboard Sleds

There was a scene from the late 90's movie Stepmom when Susanne Sarandon (who is dying from cancer) wakes her preteen daughter up in the middle of a moonlit snowy night to go horseback riding. I remember that scene because I recall thinking how unfortunate it was that it often takes the threat of an impending death to do spontaneous things that stray from our structured routines or out of the comforts of our own box. So tonight after receiving a text from a good friend of mine at 8:30 pm saying she and her three kids were sledding at a nearby hill, I decided to climb out of my pjs and my warm box. I walked in the bedroom where I had just put Nolan to bed and asked, "Would you like to go sledding?" 
"Now?", he shot up. 
"Yes, now." 
He speechlessly lunged out of bed and hugged me so tight as Cole came barging in the room screaming at the top of his lungs, 
"Is this for real?" 
Brian and I dressed the boys and ourselves and drove through Richmond's second snow storm of the year to the top of a giant hill lit by a nearly full moon and a few headlights from parked cars. 
"Am I dreaming?" Nolan asked as we pulled in. 
"No," says Cole, "I can feel my own pinch." 

It was windy and cold. It was perfect and priceless. It was Susan Sarandon hugging her daughter as they sat on the horse looking at the moonlit snow covered fields. It was me climbing out of my box and unfolding the cardboard to use as a sled.

Love & Light,

Here are a few photos from last night. Taken with my iPhone so they are grainy and dark, but not even the best photo could capture the feeling.

And just a few random fun ones from the past few days. 

These were taken through my kitchen window yesterday. I am surprised at the clarity considering I was shooting through a screen and a (non so clean) glass pane. 

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  1. I enjoyed your account. What. Fun and how sweet of you! Chris