Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wind and Tide

Anne Morrow Lindbergh (with whom I am currently fascinated) quoted Harriet Beecher Stowe when asked why she had not published any new pieces of literature since her first highly successful books she had published years ago. She (the mother of seven children and wife to aviator Charles Lindbergh) said, "Writing for a wife and mother is rowing against wind and tide." Amen sister, I wanted to shout. Just as I find five minutes of silence with words still twirling on my tongue before they are swallowed into a great black hole of forgetfulness and laundry lists, a dump truck starts beeping loudly outside my window and I lose a thought, just like that. Swallowed, not to be revived. 

I am reading Anne Morrow Lindbergh's (AML) published journals after reading her biography and the book that I felt was written for me (as do most mothers), Gifts from the Sea. I am so intrigued by witty women; women who have such an eloquent way to express what we all feel but cannot say so poetically. Her words are so soft but the message profound, like new age music that seems to magically numb my brain when I hear it. I have to laugh because AML's youngest daughter published her journals after she died in 2001. I pondered what would happen if my boys discovered my journals after I leave this earth. I envision one of two things happening; either the journals would be tossed in the trash with all the school drawings I have compiled throughout the years (and I am completely giving them permission to do this), or (two) they would read them and realize their mother was half crazy, confirming their suspicions that yes, in fact, it was their mother who is to blame for all their poor decision making in life. I should write a preface to my sons in my journals stating that before investing their hard earned inheritance in therapy, just know that, yes, I may have been a carrier for a crazy gene (or two), but generally speaking mothers are almost always blamed for their child's lack or excess of any psychosis. This is not a surprise and is taught the first day in Psychology 101 by Dr. Freud himself. I suppose this is part of our job when we signed up for the task of motherhood. Section 52.345 states; your child(ren) will blame you (their mother) for their shortcomings. Should you choose to accept the job as mother, you will do so under no false pretenses and full acknowledge of this previous statement. Please sign your life away on the dotted line. (I really am smiling as I write this, there is great humor in blatant truth). 

The truck is beeping again and now it looks as though four backhoes are digging on my street, I hear footsteps on the stairs and my presence is being requested. My five minutes of silence are up and my thoughts dissipate. However I am grateful to catch and release a few on paper. So for today Mrs. Lindbergh, I successfully rowed my boat against wind and tide, moving it a little closer to shore. 

Love & Light,

Here are some cute photos of a few sweet kiddos I photographed recently. I will be adding more cute photos to the photography section soon!

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