Friday, September 20, 2013

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Loom

When I was growing up my girlfriends and I would make friendship bracelets out of embroidery string. I remember the summer before 8th grade, my friend Karen and I saved our babysitting money and bought an ad on the local channel 6 television station to advertise our friendship bracelet making business. The ad played for maybe two weeks and I think we received one order that probably covered the cost of the advertising. Despite the failed venture, I remember how much fun we had and how many hours we spent knotting and talking.

I tried to teach Cole how to make the original friendship bracelets this summer but he soon lost his interest as it takes an attention span far longer than a 7 year old boy can maintain to complete one bracelet. So when a friend told me about the new hot "it" toy for kids, the Rainbow Loom, I ordered two; one for me, one for Cole. 

Let's just say, we are hooked. Much easier than a friendship bracelet and far more fun. Cole has made dozens of bracelets for friends and has plans to sell them in the near future (Hmmm... where does he get that capitalistic attitude from?). Cole's friends come over and in between football games and Nerf gun wars, they sit and make bracelets.  I secretly love this. Sometimes after the boys are in bed I make a few bracelets for the fun of it. My friend Karen would be proud, I might even send her one.

Love & Light,

Cole and Taegan, these two tough guys LOVE making bracelets!

Then there is my sweet Nolan. The king of bubbles.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Rainbow looms are on the xmas list :) I, too, tried to teach the girls how to make the original bracelets. Keelin makes a funky wisty kind and I have gone through 2 around my ankle...keeping them on til they break. Love them. Great post :) xo