Monday, September 2, 2013

A Subtle Return

"Good photographers are not taken with the camera. Good photographers are taken with Mind, Soul, Eyes and Imagination where Eyes like a shutter, Mind like a lens, Imagination like an object, and Soul like a canvas." ~Parveen Sharma

My camera and I have not been speaking to one another. She sits on my desk staring at the wall, wanting me to notice her but reluctant to make her presence known. She wants me to waltz in like Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, vowing not to put baby in the corner and take her out on the dance floor for everyone to witness. Instead I have been tango-ing with the iPhone, and I know the essence of our relationship is of convenience and not quality or true appreciation of the subject whose image I capture.

It seems my creative self has been a bit buried in the end of the summer blues. Not even my camera dares to call me out and my journals sit patiently awaiting my return. This weekend I thought I smelled Autumn in the air. It was faint and subtle, but as a yoga teacher once told me, never underestimate the power of subtle. 

So subtly I am returning to my creative self; dusting off summer and my camera, digging out my journals and my favorite blue jeans.

Love & Light,

A failed attempt at a balloon launch.

Cole has written multiple fan letters to the Yankee's players. They are are so sweet and melt my heart.

Black light bowling.

 A little golf.

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