Saturday, August 10, 2013

Twenty Years Ago...

This weekend is mine and Brian's 20 year high school reunion (gulp). We went out for cocktails last night as I was greeted by so many familiar faces and some of my favorite people that time and distance has wedged between us, but with an immediate embrace and reminiscing of good times, is melted away. 

I started to write so many thoughts about last night. How seeing a childhood girlfriend from across the bar that I have not seen since we graduated high school makes me teary before I can even reach her or how watching Brian laugh with the group of guys that have been such good friends for over three decades reaffirms my belief that old friends are irreplaceable. Or how good it feels to sit and talk at the bar with the girls about stuff; light and heavy, serious and stupid, all with random interruptions to hug yet another old friend who's face has changed but their eyes always reveal their identity. Tonight we will all meet again for dinner at the same place we held our senior dinner twenty years ago. The place does not look the same, but neither do any of us; the exterior a bit aged but the interior wiser and more beautiful than I remembered.

Love & Light,

Here are some iPhone photos from a few days ago. I will take a few reunion photos tonight! 

Cole at Aunt Jane and Uncle Chris's pool in Syracuse.

The boys with my grandmother. They were so sweet.

Wonder Works in Syracuse, awesome.

Nana helps Cole to grow his rock painting talent with a few lessons. 


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  1. Looks like fun in Syracuse!! Sorry I missed you guys!!!