Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Meaning of Moth

A moth landed on my leg twice today. Not only did he land, but he would not leave. He was a muddy brown color, not as spectacular as the bright colored monarchs that give people pause.  However because of the moth's persistence to be in my presence, I had to look up its meaning.

The moth is a shapeshifter (as told by my favorite animal spiritual guide Ted Andrews), representative of fertility, success and fulfillment. Moths give notice of a new birth occurring (I am NOT pregnant); the birth of something hidden, such as a talent, a gift or blessing that is coming to the surface.  I have yet to come across an animal totem where the interpretation is "bad", like you are going to hell or your life just sucks. Even vultures, snakes and predatory animals have powerful interpretations of life stages. I felt the moth's presence and unwillingness to leave my leg was a sign that I should not dismiss but pay attention to. I do however, have that skeptical, non-believer part of me who thinks the moth just liked the smell of my sunscreen and needed to rest its wings for a minute. This might be true but I choose to believe the spiritual interpretation, it is far more exciting!

Love & Light,

I found a few moth photos I took in the spring.

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