Saturday, August 17, 2013

Taking One for the Team...

So, as Garth Brooks alludes to in his infamous song, it is good to have friends in low places, but I have to admit, it is really nice to have friends in high places. Our neighbor Jeff (whom the boys practically tackle when he pulls in his driveway) works for a company that allows for him to attend some cool events. So when he came home with VIP passes to the Redskins Training Camp for the boys and myself, they were elated! Brian had to work so I was in charge of taking the boys to the camp. Let me preface this story with two preludes; I hate football and the boys are being butt heads lately. 

Arriving at the camp was amazing; the new fields and training center are beautiful, a well spent 10 million bucks.  Seeing the players made me realize how big they really are and how old I really am; they looked like babies to me, these young baby faced boys in bodies of giants. We watched a bit of the practice and I was trying my hardest to stay positive as the boys punched each other for looking at one another. Cole wanted to walk to where we would have autographs signed after the practice. The practice lasted four hours, three hours longer than I anticipated standing in line for an autograph. After Nolan's last meltdown and Cole's continuous questions about when the guys would come sign autographs, I texted Brian that this was my version of hell and if we had a daughter this would be comparable to him taking her to a Jonah's bothers concert with passes to go back stage with screaming girls and over zealous parents. Oh, I could go on and on about all the crazy people there; star struck, football nazi, crazy freaking people, but I will not allow myself to rehash the nightmare. 

There were two moments that stood out that I hope to take with me. No, it was not running through mud pits covered in black sharpie pen thrusting Nolan up in the air with his Red Skins helmet on getting any autograph we could or losing Cole twice and having a panic attack or almost taking a lady out for trying to budge in line after we stood there for three hours. Oh no...I will toss those poor sportsmanship memories out with the trash. What I will remember is a random dad saying to me how kids always remember getting autographs from sports idols and they will remember the day that their mom took them here. (Damn right they will remember, I will remind them the rest of their lives.) Oh shit, knife to the heart, I stopped whining and put my Redskins hat on. And walking out to the car after a long, long day, both boys independently hugged me and said "Thanks Mama, that was the best day ever."

Yes indeed, taking one for the team, priceless.

Love & Light,

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