Monday, August 19, 2013

Second Annual Camp Chizuk

Welcome to the Second Annual Chizuk Camp, where my favorite nephews come and spend their last week of summer with us here in good ole Richmond, Virginia. To try and describe even an ounce of Cole's anticipatory excitement would be to steal value of any words or analogies I choose.  He has paced the floors for the past few days, planning and schemeing about what they would do and where they would go. And when the cousins finally arrived, the squealing, the hugs, everyone trying to talk at once telling a story, all trying to find their rhythm that would dictate the structure of the visit, and then the pretentiousness and anxiety is gone and they are just best friends given the gift of time together.

Before 9 am I had already pre-treated four pair of stained, muddy football pants from a wet side-yard game earlier that morning, served a second breakfast to each of them, forced them to go outside to have the spitting contest they were whispering about and held a mandatory family meeting about how we all were going to be good boys! After that we packed up the car and took off. 

I just nodded off writing this, Brian woke me as I have drool on my computer. I am so completely tired, but I had to post a few photos from day one at Camp Chizuk. Nothing brings my boys more joy than their cousins, and this brings me much joy in return.

Love & Light,

These photos are all from the iPhone and our first stop on a rainy day had to be at Chuck E. Cheese, mostly because my sister cannot stand that place and I kind of love it. I had to show my nephews that Chuck E. Cheese really is a fun mouse to hang with as long as your pockets are full of tokens! 

Swimming and basketball at the JCC!

And Star Wars duals and costume parades. A day in the life of a boy.  

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  1. I am with your sister! DISLIKE and avoid at all costs....Chuck E Cheese! Lol looks like fun! U are a good mommy and auntie! Xo, meg