Saturday, August 3, 2013

If You Give a Girl a Garden, She Will Grow...

I have been reading my August MILF book club selection, Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I have read this book twice before, once in my early twenties and once in my early thirties; each time the stories within the book take on a different meaning depending on where I am within my soul’s journey. The paperback copy I own is broken at it’s bind and is underlined and starred on almost every page. This is a book that is not an easy read. I remember in college there were whole semesters devoted to the interpretation of this one book. I don’t pretend to comprehend it all, but when I am reading in open cornfields with sunsets that if you listen hard enough you can hear the sun slip below the horizon, I seem more open to not only reading the words but inhaling them into my self. 

The past few days I have been helping my mother-in-law to weed her huge, beautiful, vegetable garden. It is quite an undertaking to maintain such a large garden full of a multitude of fruits and vegetables and tall flowering gladiolas. I am so accustomed to the hot, humid Virginia summers, that this mild, breezy 70 degree weather beckons me to stay outside and soak it in as long as I can stand. When I return home to the swarm of mosquitoes and sweat dripping down between my legs, I will know I took full appreciation of the respite from the oppressive southern summer. 

I was thinking a lot about Women Who Run With Wolves while weeding (if you are unfamiliar with this book, to even partially try and summarize it’s premise would not even be possible for me) but as I pulled out each weed by it’s root, I just felt more grounded, more at peace. Almost as if with each weed I pulled, the lighter I felt. Sometimes the weed breaks at the base and you know you did not get the root, which means it will grow back; synonymous with life’s problems. If we pull the problem out by the root and discard of it, it will not grow back the same again, but if we do not get the root, soon the weed/problem will reappear just as it had before. And yes, weeds will always grow back in some form or fashion, but damn does it feel good to pull them out, to look at your garden for a short period of time without the eye being drawn to the invasion of unwanted growth. So many life and gardening analogies passed through my head that I chose to let escape unspoken into the dead weed pile, because sometimes words only cheapen the moment. 

Sometimes a girl just needs to be left alone in a garden surrounded by a cornfield to weed her own way back to becoming grounded. 

Love & Light,

I have made friends with these neighborhood cows. I learned today they are beef cows. It makes me never want a hamburger again. And the poor babies can never escape the flies.

Another day and another thousand photographs of the kids on the slip and slide. I can't stop photographing them. Today we built a jump at the end and inflated two tires to ride down the hill. 

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