Monday, July 29, 2013

To Leave or Not Leave a Tender Moment...

Probably one of the biggest dilemmas I face as a photography enthusiast, is when to capture the moment with my camera and when to succumb to the present by being fully in it without pulling out my Canon (or desperately wanting to pull out the camera). That is what has been so nice about the iphone. It is a non-intrusive little gadget that does not shout "CAMERA!" at the top of its lungs when I snap a moment; most of the time no one ever knows I took a photo. 

When I was little I used to pretend my eyelids were the shutter on the camera and that everything I wanted to remember I blinked and that image was imbedded in some cosmic photo album that I would have handed to me at the pearly gates of heaven. Sometimes I find myself still doing this, like when one of the boys is snuggled softly in my arms or I see something that is so utterly breath taking that a photograph would never rightly speak its truth. 

Since our arrival in New York to visit family, so many moments have gone unpublished by my lens. Nolan making bagels with his Grandma, Cole playing catch with his Grandpa, my first niece graduating from high school, the boys picking blueberries and talking to the cows, sitting and swinging in the hammock underneath a sky so vast that one cannot help but to feel humble yet closer to some higher power. These are moments I chose to observe, or to let the boys be present in without my hovering camera in their face. However in those moments I still do wish I had my camera, but instead I blink and hope those images will appear in my life's scrapbook I am handed as I leave this life; and the digital images I take with my camera will help the boys to remember their childhood which all too soon becomes a vague memory. 

Here are some of the captured moments.

Love & Light,

My morning run.

Nolan's big slide (above) and his girl cousins have a pitching machine (below).

Just Dance Kids on the Wii with his girl cousins.

The cows were very unsure of this city girl.

Photos from Stony Brook Park.

Nolan is a swinging junkie.

I love a stairway shot.

This photo of Brian (below) is one of my favorites. A quiet moment to himself.

And Charlie the dog plays endless hours of ball.

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