Monday, July 22, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Four...

Nolan had his birthday party on Saturday (pictures to come). It was difficult to explain that it was not really his birthday yet, but it was his birthday party day. So Cole woke him up in the morning yelling, "Happy Birthday Party Day." Nolan's actual birthdate is Wednesday, July 24th. I told Brian tonight that tomorrow is Nolan's last day as a 4 year old. It makes me teary thinking about it. (The giant STOP sign seems appropriate in this photo. STOP getting so big.)

Brian and I asked Nolan last night if he would stay 4 years old forever. He told us no, he is turning 5. He still has a bit of baby in his voice and his belly hangs over his shorts. He still cuddles in my lap every morning with his blanket and his cheeks are still so velvety soft as the first day I touched them.
I will miss 4. So tomorrow we will celebrate it's departure. 

Love & Light,

Here are some photos of what we have been up to.

 This is looking out my kitchen window at the boys swinging. I love this view.
 Summertime in a cup.

Papa visits!

Cole's basketball camp.
 Cole and I enjoy 'just the two of us' time together at the Squirrel's game.
What is it about a ball game that is so peaceful?

Can you spot Cole?

Nolan and his friend Callie enjoy a hot day in the water fountains at Lewis Ginter.

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