Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Deleting a Few Apps

I told Brian on our day long car trip to New York earlier this week that I feel as though my iPhone has become synonymous with my life. Although I am a big fan of the infinite capabilities I have at the touch of a small screen in the palm of my hand, I have started to feel as though I have too many apps open on my desktop. I am constantly ringing and dinging, checking FaceBook and e-mails, pinning on Pinterest and consuming myself with far too many topics of people, places and things that I find are causing more concern and contemplation beyond what my mind is able to absorb, all while multi-tasking my role as a mother, wife, friend, etc. Then all of a sudden my iPhone battery dies and I am left feeling torn between relief that I am not plugged into any of it, and distraught because I am disconnected from it all. 

The first month I had my iPhone the battery was dying very quickly. My friend took a look and asked me if I was closing out my apps. Huh? She took my phone and showed me that if you do not close out your apps that you use regularly (i.e. Facebook, Pinterest, Maps, Safari, Mail, Camera, Instagram...the list is as long as the apps you buy) then the apps remain open and will continue to drain your battery even if you are not using them. So I began to make it a habit to close the apps multiple times a day. Then one night after laying in bed with the sound of my phone ringing followed by that subtle but prominent ding that I had an e-mail and the realization that the phone was downstairs and I was just hearing this in my head, it was enough. Too many apps were open and running on my desktop and I needed to shut them off or my life battery was going to die. The maintenance I do on my phone and computer needed to occur in my life.

So what does this mean? I told Brian that I am logging off of Facebook for the month of August. Although I love reading, posting and viewing photos of my friends and family, I feel as though I have become a bit more consumed with it than I want. Kind of like when I get in those Angelina Jolie obsessed stages when I am reading every little article about her and Brad Pitt’s life only to look at the clock at 3 am and think, “What the hell am I doing? Who cares about all this shit? I just wasted a good night's sleep!” So I am vowing to go inactive for a month on Facebook and see if any grand enlightenment occurs. If nothing else one less app may maintain my battery life. 

I have other ideas of apps to delete, however I am going to process this a bit before I commit to anything publicly. I have a tendency when I get on a tangent to go all or nothing. Part of me says to delete all the apps, hey why not just get rid of your phone and computer too? The more rational part of me reminds myself that I find much joy from blogging and editing photos and completely ailenating myself from the technological world is not going to solve the problem.

This has been a lengthy blog post and probably more of an indepth step inside my manic writing mind than I intended to share. However, when sitting here writing...

the clarity of thought emerges at such a speed I cannot even keep up.  

Love & Light,

An evening run. 

I guess if I stopped to take photos on the track I was not running hard enough.

The sunset from my in-laws drive way (below). They see this every night.

Taking Daddy to the airport. The boys were teary. They are total Daddy's boys.

The Strong Childrens' Museum in Rochester. Seriously the most amazing children's museum I have ever been to. We were there almost 6 hours and did not make it through the whole thing!

The boys (above) with one of closest gal pal's daughter, Camryn.

A visit to Uncle Scott's and Aunt Kim's house. And of course Cole talks his Uncle Scott into a game of ball (above). And a dance party and sleepover with his girl cousins was exactly what I remember with my cousins growing up. Great memories!

 And Oh yes, the MOTHER of ALL slip and slides. 

Hopefully you can see this video below. It may be one of my all time favorites.

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