Tuesday, July 16, 2013

All of a Sudden

So much for my plans of a lazy, chillin by the pool sort of summer. First of all with a 4 and 7 year old, there is no such thing as chillin at the pool; pool trips are an active participation on my part. However with a few weeks of camp, a few birthday parties and playdates, trips to visit the cousins in North Carolina and planning to leave on our two week trip to NY next week, all of a sudden it is mid July. 

Isn't that how everything works? It is those "all of a sudden" moments that you realize something has changed; the boys all of a sudden have grown out of their clothes, all of a sudden they are reading, or can hit the baseball over the fence. It is in these moments that you think for a split second, "Where has the time gone?" or "Did I appreciate the journey to get here or did I wish it away too fast?" I asked my sister when I was visiting her last week, if she misses her boys (now almost 11, 9 and 4) being little and the infrequency of hugs and cuddle time as they age. She said initially it was hard and could pinpoint the first time her oldest son jumped out of the car to go play baseball without hugging her goodbye, but she said she loves the stage they are at now. She loves to talk to them and know them as older kids, it is a new stage she has chosen to embrace and look forward to.  Good thing I have a little sister to teach her big sis these important life lessons. 

I just keep going back to the quote I love, "A mother is not a person to lean on, but person to make leaning unnecessary." I still selfishly like them to lean on me for a little while longer, like maybe until their 40.

Love & Light,

Here is what we have been up to. All of these photos are taken with my iphone! I am addicted.

Lilah-Grace's birthday party!

Cole models his new raccoon hat (above), and Nolan goes to a friend's birthday party (below).

The boys check out the new Redskins training center in Richmond (below).
Nolan helping me with a few projects. 

Where the boys love to be.

Rock Painting. 

Rock painting gone wrong.

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