Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Timewatchers (BLA Day #25)

The boys have been into timing things lately. They keep stealing my running watch to time each other in races. Cole even creates his own race brackets (surprise, surprise) with different names and has each name (which are all Cole) race each other for time. 

After I could not find my watch for the hundredth time, we took a trip to Walmart and purchased two inexpensive stopwatches. (Or as Nolan calls them, the TimeWatchers.) This has proved to be a blessing and a curse. The boys have spent a lot of time outside running and expending much of their excess energy. However, they have also been timing EVERYTHING!  How long it takes mom to get from place to place in the car, how long I am in the bathroom for, how long it takes before dinner is ready, how long it takes them to shower, how long I am talking on the phone for. And they count down. "Mom you have 10 seconds to get home, 10..9...8.. etc." 

Then if we go anywhere, like today at Lewis Ginter, here is our conversation; 

(Cole) "It is 10:03. (A minute later) It is 10:04. (A minute later) It is 10:05."
(Me) "Cole that is really annoying. I don't want to know what time it is all the time."
(Cole) "Okay but it is now 10:06. What time do you think we are going to leave? We have 180 minutes until the Yankees game starts."
(Me) "We are here to have fun and to not watch the clock. (Annoying voice) So go time yourself having fun."

 The butterflies are on exhibit.

Our reflection in the pond (above) and I LOVE this photo of Cole (below), he just looks so grown up.

 Nolan stops to smell the roses (above) and I magically somehow got out of spending any money in the gift shop, despite a few desperate pleas (below). 
 The boys threw a penny into the fountain and made a wish. Nolan said right away he wished for a sandwich, awesome.

It took me 14 minutes and 12 seconds to get home.

Love & Light,

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  1. The boys threw a penny into the fountain and made a wish. Nolan said right "away he wished for a sandwich, awesome."


    I'm cracking up over here

    Love it!