Friday, June 21, 2013

Say What? (BLA Day #26)

Ah yes, yet another interesting quirk I am discovering about boys. When asked a question (any question really) like, "What do you want to eat?" 
Then a, "Huh?" 
Again I say, "What do you want to eat?" 
Nothing, no response. 
So I repeat myself louder with more of an aggravated tone and they mysteriously seem to comprehend and respond. 

After growing increasingly tired of repeating myself, I decided to only ask a question one time and then to say nothing if asked to repeat myself. The results were astounding. When asked a question in which they reply with a "Huh?", if waited out with silence, the subjects will magically recite the question back to you!

For example, today in the car:

(Me) "Did you have fun at the pool Cole?"
(Cole) "Huh?"
(Me) Silence...(maybe a minute or so pass)
(Cole) "Yah, I had fun."

WHAT? So they DO actually hear you the first time? Is this inherent in boys? Is this why men have a tendency to repeat the same behaviors, as if they really are programmed in utero to not respond the first time? Do they need a second to process their thoughts or formulate their answers, or is it more of a manipulative type of behavior to elicit a reaction from their mother/spouse? Oh I bet Freud has chapters written on this material somewhere in his journals.

Anyway, I have broken the code. Silence. I think silence is more frightening than aggravated responses; they cannot tell what we are thinking. 

Score one for mom.

Love & Light, 

Here are some photos from our trip to visit friends at their river house yesterday. SO much fun!

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