Friday, June 14, 2013

Nolan's Got Your Number (BLA Day #23)

Just when I feel I have entered into a bit of a writing slump due to the chaos of the last few weeks of school, I am sent reminders that good writing material exists all around me but sometimes needs to call me directly to say it has arrived.  Let me fill you in. In case anyone has not read this blogpost about Nolan from last year, please read for a bit of comic relief and a character reference on my "sweet" Nolan. 

Yesterday I was visiting with a friend at her house. The boys were playing outside timing each other with stopwatches to see who could make it around the house in the shortest period of time in the pouring rain with superhero costumes on, typical boy stuff. Well, due to my tendency to chat away with friends I love, I might not have checked on the boys as often as I should have. We could hear them laughing so I assumed all was well. Well, Nolan was not with the other boys. He snuck into my car and had reached into my bag to get my phone. He then proceeded to call just about everyone on my contact list and either leave a voicemail or have lengthy conversations. 

After Nolan called my dad and told him he was in the car and his mom was not there, well, you can imagine that this caused a bit of mass panic. My dad called my mom, who tried to call me. Meanwhile Nolan had called my good friend and neighbor Laura multiple times (because she and I have an agreement that if we call each other twice in a row it is important and you have to pick up) causing her to worry. And then there is the voicemail he left on the contractor's (who installed our windows) phone about scheduling a  play date. According to a few of my girlfriends, they had very nice conversations with Nolan. 

I feel guilty about my lack of supervision and I only share it because I know it will offer my girlfriends or mothers of young children a welcomed giggle and possibly will earn me a few more points toward Shittiest Mother of the Year. However, my dad did make me feel better when he reminded me of a certain time when I was a toddler that he was napping on the couch and I randomly called a woman in South Carolina and had a nice, long conversation with her before he woke up and realized what I was doing. Good thing they did not have caller ID back then, I am sure the police might have been at our door.  So it looks as though this was my karma boomeranging back at me.

Love & Light,

Nolan loves to visit Cole's class! 

Don't let this sweet face fool you!

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