Saturday, June 1, 2013

Muffin of Sunsets (BLA Day #18)

My Aunt Janice sent me this poem she recently read. I love it, I aspire to write poetic words of something so simple yet so profound. 

Muffin of Sunsets
by Elaine Equi

The sky is melting. Me too.

Who hasn’t seen it this way?
Pink between the castlework 

of buildings.
Pensive syrup

drizzled over clouds.
It is almost catastrophic how heavenly.

A million poets, at least,

have stood in this very spot,
groceries in hand, wondering:

"Can I witness the Rapture

and still make it home in time for dinner?" 

Love & Light,

These two photos were taken in Big Sur almost 10 years ago. I remember telling Brian to take the photo of me below so I can look at it and always remember being there.

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