Monday, June 17, 2013

A Big Week (BLA Day #24)

This past week Cole graduated from first grade.

He left in September a little boy who liked to read Go Dog Go by Dr. Suess, and came home in June having read most of the Weird School Series, Magic Treehouse and now on his third Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. 

I owe this lady below the majority of credit.

We love Mrs. Houck. 

And of course we also celebrated Father's Day on Sunday.

I attempted a DIY Pinterest project that I thought looked cool (I momentarily forgot that I was Queen of Pinterest Projects Gone Wrong).

It is supposed to be like a mini-massage for Dads. The kids drive their cars on his back and they have fun and Dad gets a massage. I am not sure it really served this purpose, but it did make Brian laugh.

If you know me or my family, you know how much my boys and I love their dad. We are beyond blessed to have him everyday. 

Love & Light,

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