Wednesday, May 1, 2013

War, Peace and Leprechaun Antics

So this came in the mail for me today...

Thanks to my Aunt Janice (whom after reading my last blog post) sends this book with a note daring me to read it, because it is that good.

 Do I think I can convince my MILF book club girls to join me on this 1,440 page quest? It may be a journey I face alone; yet the thrill of a dare is deeply alluring.

And despite my lag in blog posts. I promise you we have been staying busy.

The kids helped me make the cake for Cole's Spring Fling event at school. (It was supposed to be a kid friendly cake. I think we accomplished that.)

And that same night, Brian and I found a stool pushed up to the stove as a little leprechaun must have climbed up and licked the frosting off of the cupcakes. Hmmm. Who could that be?

Could it be this leprechaun?

Or this one? 
(The evidence is inconclusive, but signs point to Thing 2 aka Nolan.)

And despite life's chaos, the beauty that lives right outside of my front door does not go unnoticed by my camera.

Love & Light,

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  1. Just catching up on your beautiful writings and yes, I'm in for War & Peace although it may take me all summer. The windows look amazing and I'm impressed with the blog love affair - will be sure to check in here more often :)