Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sugar and Spice (BLA Day #16)

I love my boys, this is not a secret. I feel as though I was destined to be a mother of boys. However, there are moments, moments of twirly dresses and big white bows that pull my heart strings right through my camera lens. For me, photographing little girls brings a completely different energy to the shoot. I have found their eye contact easier to capture and hold, they are often quicker to step into the vision of the shoot (whether it means twirling around in their princess dress or resting their cheek 'just so' on the side of their hand), there is a delicateness, a sweetness in girls, that I have to work a little harder to capture in boys. 

A few weeks ago I photographed three twirly dressed, white bowed, beautiful sisters. I am in love with these photos. I am grateful they shared a glimpse of their world with me.

Love & Light,

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