Friday, May 10, 2013

Let There Be Light (BLA Day #1)

Day #1 of my blog love affair (BLA). 

In case I forgot to mention we are having four new windows installed into the sun bearing side of our house. As in, where there once were two solid walls, now has four large windows. The first day they went in, after my initial panic of hearing the blade pierce through the drywall (no turning back), I walked in the front door and stood there dumbstruck. The room was bright and open, and it made me completely giddy.  I suppose that shows my age when I get excited over window installation.

And another giddy moment... my new iPhone. How life ever fully existed before I held this sleek technological device in my palm, I will never know. Is it slightly ridiculous and way more phone than I really need, yes; but am I willing to sacrifice sensibility for sheer materialism every now and then, well, yes.

Here are my windows so far (photos taken with my new iPhone). 

Love & Light,

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