Friday, May 24, 2013

Feeling Squirrelly (BLA Day #14)

In my attempt to entice a few different breed of birds to my feeders by adding sunflower seeds, I have also inherited four squirrels to the already obnoxious and arguably evil, Shoppey and Toad (named by Cole when he was 2 years old), and a fearless little chipmunk that makes more of a mess on my deck than the boys. However, the cardinals are happy and I have three new birds that have me checking out bird books from the library. 

Due to the volume of unwanted guests who keep eating all the bird food, I have the boy's Nerf bow and arrow parked by the back door.  Now I can shoot foam arrows at Shoppey and Toad and their brood of evil children. I can hear them laugh at me in their squeaky little voices as I miss them by a hair, I think they even high five each other. I tell them they can laugh now but they better lay off the sunflower seeds because Brian bought a BB gun and he won't miss. (I won't let him shoot it when I am home. I don't want him to actually hurt the squirrels.) Brian just wanted an excuse to buy a BB gun and relive his boyhood days. And everyone knows BB gun stories from your childhood never end well. A sibling gets shot, something gets broken, or neighbors call the cops because you broke their upstairs window... eh hem...Brian. I don't want my boys to travel the same path as their bad boy, BB gun toting dad. (But if he can scare the crap out of those furry rodents I would be grateful.)

Love & Light,

And what else is there to do on a rainy day but to open your own book store? I bought a lot of books from this sweet face!

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