Friday, May 17, 2013

Confessions of a Paint Loather (BLA Day #8)

Are there other mothers out there who inwardly cringe every time their child(ren) say that want to paint? If you are shaking your head "no", then please stop reading my blog, we would never be friends in the real world.

I love watching my kids imaginations explode in a multitude of colors all over a blank canvas, but the process of getting the paint area ready (squirting out 100 colors on a paper plate that will ultimately become one giant shade of mud, the brushes, laying down newspaper or setting up the easel) and then the clean-up (paint on the floor, the counter tops and chairs, the boy's hands and clothing, washing out brushes and the sink after washing the brushes and putting it all away). WHEW~ I want to take a nap after that 15 minute project and they are already pulling the play-dough out of the closet. 

Alas, the guilt gets me every time. Who am I to stifle their inner Van Gogh just because I am too tired to invest the energy? On days when I refuse to oblige to their painting pleas, I just throw another quarter into the therapy jar for their mid-twenties when they realize that their mother is to blame for their lack of artistic ability. 

Love & Light,

And then he was onto photography...

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  1. I was starting to worry a little about our friendship and the guilt was creeping on after reading about the boys' rock painting. whew! Mandy