Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Country Time Birthday

Do you remember the Country Time Lemonade commercials (the official sponsor of summer) that play sweet, soulful music to images of children running around in bare feet and swinging from ropes while a grandfather-like voice speaks to there being only 90 days left of summer, so we need to enjoy each day (and drink their lemonade)? These are my favorite commercials and when I picture my childhood summers, I visualize the same snapshots of carefree, slip and slide, Popsicle eating, hide and seek playing sort of days. 

A few weeks ago, our neighbor and good friend Mishka turned 7 years old. Her mom planned a party that could have been the filming site for an old school Country Time commercial, not because it was lavishly decorated or overdone but because it was simple. We played classic birthday games like the three-legged and wheel barrel races, potato sack and egg relays, all complete with a pie eating contest. It reminded me that kids often don't need the advances of today's technology or even Chuck E. Cheese for that matter, to have a good time. It is more the simple things when shared with friends that hold the fondest memories.

Here are a few photos from that day.

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