Wednesday, April 17, 2013

RPM Therapy

In attempts to explore new avenues to fitness maintenance after my break up with running, we joined a gym that offers various exercise classes. I would not classify myself as an extrovert but I do know that making a monetary commitment to attend a group class is more likely to get me to show up versus an at-home workout which usually results in me creating a multitude of excuses as to why I cannot workout (and I can be oh-so creative with excuses).

As I have been testing out new classes from zumba to cycling, I began to notice life lessons wedged into the workouts. They often come to me when I am at my lowest, when my body aches and my physical endurance is challenged by my own desire to push forward. For instance, in cycling, the bike records your time, mileage, intensity and RPM. At certain points during the workout, the instructor has us keep our RPM steady for a period of time; this is not easy. If you are not presently aware of your RPM you will be either pedaling faster than your steady pace (not having enough energy to finish the workout) or way below it (not giving the workout your best effort). And everyone's RPM is different; the woman next to me may be 20 MPH slower and another woman 20 MPH faster. I can tell a lot about a person and their lifestyle just from a cycling class; I sometimes walk away with insight about my own self that I had not processed until lack of oxygen and loss of feeling in my legs brought to my attention.

There are two different woman who teach this cycling class. The first woman is young and loud, she sings rock songs and yells at us to push beyond our comfort zone. I want to hug her and hit her at the same time. The other woman is older with a very mellow energy, she talks us through the class with an occasional reminder, "this is your ride, you make it your own." I appreciate both women and the messages they send; sometimes you need someone to push you to work harder and sometimes you need someone to remind you that this is your ride, do what you want. Hmmm...cycling therapy, this could be a new venture for me.

Love & Light,

Here are some photos from our trip last weekend to the Hollywood Cemetery.

 Can you see Nolan standing at the bottom of the pyramid? Along with the confederate generals, there are 18,000 enlisted confederate soldiers buried nearby.

 Waving to the train alongside the James River. The City of Richmond in the background.

 Oh yes, Jeter Ave.

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