Saturday, April 6, 2013

38 Candles

The past few weeks have been full of baseball games and visits with the cousins, Easter egg hunts and feeding zebras, spring break and flying squirrels. I also managed to turn 38 years old somewhere in between all the madness.

Birthdays are bittersweet. They are part celebration of our life and part mourning for the loss of our youth. They are part reflection of years past and part welcoming the journey that lay ahead. I am not really sure where I envisioned myself to be at 38 years old. However if the photographs below are snippets of my world, time embedded in form and mementos of where these 38 years have brought me, then I could not wish for anything more as I blow out my candles.

Love & Light,

The cousins decorate eggs.

My sister shows off her egg decor talents.

A wagon ride through an amazing zoo in North Carolina. I got to pet a zebra, and touch the horns on this beast below. 
Nolan is my animal kid. He has this unspoken connection with four legged friends.  

The boys with my friend Holly's daughter, Joslyn. She held her own with the big boys.

I LOVE this photo of Cole.
Endless hours of baseball and football with Uncle Benny (Aaron), Uncle Paulie (Cheyne), Uncle Norm (my uncle) and Uncle Jimmy (Brian). And yes, the boys all call them by their fabricated names, but that story is for another blogpost. 

Drew Bear dresses himself.
Nolan waits patiently at first base.
My boys.
Oh YES, Easter eggs fall from the helicopter. The boys went nuts!
The Sandlot.
Me with Holly (who I grew up with) and Annie (my sis). 
 A photoshoot at Coordinators 2, Inc., celebrating their 25 year anniversary. And a photo with Nutzy (Richmond Flying Squirrels mascot) was an added bonus. 

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