Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Snowmen

I was looking at my blogposts from last year on this date. There are photographs of the white pear tree blossoms and the boys digging for worms in short sleeve shirts. Last night we had a heavy snowfall, enough to cancel school the next day across multiple counties. Despite the cold and the deep longing to feel sun on my face, there is something comforting about a blanket of snow. Mother Nature grants us permission to stay in our pjs and hibernate another day. 

I pulled out the snow pants and winter boots that I packed away last weekend and bundled us all up. I opened the back door and the three of us all stood silent, like a painter to a blank canvas, envisioning how to make our entrance onto the perfect white sheet. Nolan tip-toed, Cole jumped and I stepped slowly to test the weight of the snow. 

The boys attempted (somewhat successfully) to sled on a flat surface while I rolled snowballs into giant snowmen bodies. I forgot how fun that was, when the snow is just the right consistency to roll like a carpet until you have to use the force of your body weight to push it any further. The boys did not help me with the snowmen, other than to critique their form, as I dodged flying snowballs at my head. I was so proud of my creations that I did not even care. 

The photographs taken today on this wintery March spring day may be my favorites, even better than pear blossoms and sunny, green laden yards. 

Love & Light,

 And of course, cocoa and homemade cinnamon bread after our romp outside. Does life get any sweeter than that?

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