Thursday, March 21, 2013

Soul Smiles

My girlfriend left me present on my doorstep when I came home yesterday afternoon. It was in a silver shiny bag with bright yellow tissue paper and without even knowing what was inside it just made me happy. She always includes a handwritten letter (I could identify her writing just by my name on the card) telling me why she appreciates our friendship.

I told her it made my soul smile. (The kind of smile when you feel your whole body fill with happiness, not just your face.)

 And my good friend, Laura, gave me a "just because" present; a bowl she made. It is the color of the Jamaican waters and it is infused with all of her love and talent. It made my soul smile.

 And I got the first copy of the March/April issue of GRID magazine. My photographs were printed in the centerfold article. It made my soul smile.

It was a good, soul-smiling kind of day.

Love & Light,

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