Sunday, March 17, 2013

And the Sign Says...

My due date was on St. Patrick's Day. My mother had cravings for McDonald's shamrock milkshakes and waited for her little leprechaun to arrive. I should have been a peaceful, water sign Pisces, instead I held out another two weeks, staying true to a bull headed, fire sign Aries arriving as an April Fool's Day prank. I always felt as though I was born under the wrong birth sign, Pisces was more suiting to my personality; quiet, imaginative, sensitive. However, there are moments when I know that fire sign Aries lay deep within the depths of my soul; head strong, courageous, and a bit impulsive. 

I remember when I was scheduling a C-section date for Nolan's birth. I had a moment (or multiple moments) of panic as I was given the responsibility of choosing his birth date. What if I chose the wrong birth sign, what if I chose a Tuesday when he should be a Thursday's child? (Yes, apart from your sun sign, there are theories that suggest your personality is also derived from the day of the week you were born.) I did not feel it should be my choice to make, I wanted it to be divinely decided, I wanted no part in playing God. However, after the panic wore down I realized that my choosing his birth date was part of the divine plan and whatever day I chose was what was meant to be. So I welcomed my little Leo, a fellow fire sign, Nolan, born on a Thursday just as my mother awaited but did not receive her St. Patrick's Day baby instead welcoming her April Fool, Aries, Tuesday's child and it was exactly how it should be.

Wishing you all a Happy St. Patty's Day.

Love & Light,

We made Galaxy Dough from this recipe I found off of Pinterest. It smelled grape-y good!

And I could not resist this impulse buy, a container of marshmallow fluff. I introduced the boys to fluffer-nutter sandwiches, a tradition.

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