Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Curse of Being Cute

Most kids have nightmares about monsters and bad guys. Nolan's nightmares that cause him to run into my bedroom at night consist of a far larger fear; big ladies with lipstick who try and kiss him. He crawls in my bed sweaty and weepy whispering that those ladies were chasing him to kiss him again. 

This pretty much sums up Nolan's current life dilemma. He has this blonde, blonde hair, big blue eyes and cheeks that are so soft they make satin feel like stucco. Everyone wants to touch him. In the mornings when I try and fix his wild hair, he cries and says, "Please don't  make me handsome. I don't want to be handsome today."

Oh, beware of any place where a large number of senior citizens congregate; Nolan becomes a sought after pop star. One time a lady almost fell out of her wheelchair reaching to touch his face. Nolan is at that age where he embodies such juicy sweetness and youth that strangers gravitate toward him. He still has that toddler giggle, you know the kind that makes even the DMV employees smile when they hear it. He is a prime target for ladies with lipstick.

However, Nolan is not the kind of kid that enjoys this kind of attention. He would much rather blend in with the crowd than stand out with his sweet cheeks and big blue eyes. I am sure that given another few months he will have outgrown this stage of everyone wanting to eat him and his nightmares will probably turn to monsters and bad guys. For now Nolan will just have to live with the curse of being cute and run really fast from those big ladies with lipstick!

Love & Light,

Nolan's Valentine Crafts

My favorite flower (below). My whole kitchen smells like spring. 

Brian makes dinner. YUM!

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