Friday, February 8, 2013

Rock My World

 I took a tour of the Luck Stone quarry on the outskirts of the City of Richmond for a photoshoot for Grid magazine this week. I was embarrassed to tell the plant manager that I was unaware that a place of this magnitude even existed in Richmond. He said that many people don't know about the quarry but that most major cities have them. 

I was a bit breathless when I stood here.

There were mysterious faces in the rock.

And machines that had tires that cost more than my house.

 I found an odd beauty in large machinery and rock.

I love this photo (below) of the plant manager's hands as he drove us around and spoke about the inner workings of the quarry. He has been employed by Luck Stone for 24 years.

One cannot help but to be humbled by a place so vast. 

Love & Light,

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