Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Liquify and Luminate

There is a tool on photoshop that I have recently discovered called liquify. Liquify basically takes any of part of the body and reshapes it. Goodbye muffin top, hello toned arms. I can shave half an inch off my butt and put curves in the places where they should be. Yes I know, it's not natural and it's what is wrong with society putting pressure on all us woman with expectations that we are supposed to look perfect. But come on, it is fun. Playing around with photoshop tools actually enhances my positive self image  because the more I get all 'David Copperfield' with photoshop, the more I know those models are mostly liquified and luminated; it is all smoke and mirrors baby. 

Here are some photos that need no editing, they are pure beauty that even the camera cannot quite capture in its entirety.

Love & Light,

Sweet baby girl Crosby. 

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