Sunday, February 10, 2013

Let Go and Let Zumba

I took my second Zumba class this past weekend. If you have ever taken a Zumba class you know it is basically a crazed dance-like workout. While attempting to rotate my pelvis in angles that would make Elvis blush I thought about writing some helpful tips and random thoughts to anyone who may have a Zumba class on their bucket list but may be a little hesitant to try it. 

10.  Do not take your eyes off of the instructor. If you make that fatal mistake of trying to glance at your reflection in the mirror, you will be horrified how you look like a complete dork. 

9.   Do not wear pants that cling too tightly to your ass; between the sweat and the amount of booty shaking you will be doing, clingy pants are not flattering.

8.  There will always be one old guy in the group; and you will never be able to fully believe he is taking the class for the "work out". One man in a room with 50 sweaty women who are shaking their groove thing all over the place just strikes me as odd.

7. Supposedly you do not have to be a Zumba goddess to wear belts with bells; you just need to be able to sway your hips side to side so the bells jingle.

6. The moment you start to think you got it, you lose it. Just run in place, no one will notice.

5. Women in their 80's can still do pelvic thrusts; many women in their 20's can't.

4. You will wonder if the instructor snorted a line of crack cocaine prior to the class; her energy rivals your kids after eating their entire bucket of Halloween candy.

3. Women will occasionally shout or whoop. While I admire their enthusiasm, I will never be one of them.

2. Stand in the back corner, closest to the exit. Chances are all the ladies congregating in this area are newbies and are scared shitless, this is your posse. 

1. NO ONE is looking at you. Everyone is so self absorbed with their own neuroticism that your own insecurities are your only barrier to let go and let Zumba.

Love & Light,

Cole all packed for his first sleepover on Friday. He did great, I was probably the only one who lost sleep.

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