Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cannonballing Out of My Comfort Zone

I recently went well beyond merely stepping out of my comfort zone, I cannonballed into a pool of new adventures. I finally photographed my first boudoir session last week. In preparation I researched boudoir photographs for weeks and have studied more photos of naked women than I have ever been privy to. And FYI, Pinterest is an amazing resource for boudoir photos; you can even create a "secret" board so that people who are following your pins will not think it's odd that you have just pinned 25 photographs of a woman's cleavage to your board. I do have to add that this was the first time Brian took an interest in Pinterest. He was always close when I was on my computer willing to give his "professional opinion" on what constitutes a beautiful boudoir photograph. 

After excessive research due to my somewhat anal (maybe not the right word), perfectionist/obsessive personality I wanted to make sure I fully grasped the skill set needed to doing a shoot of this nature. In my studies, I ran across a world renowned boudoir photographer, Christa Meola. She recently published a book that I had to purchase entitled, "The Art of Boudoir Photography." Even the Barnes and Noble cashier gave me a wink when he passed the book and the receipt back to me and said, "Have fun".  Meola's profound insight about women and boudoir photography had me intrigued and excited to explore this whole new world of art. She writes, "Most women seeking boudoir photography aren't 20-somethings looking to enhance their image. They're women who want to reclaim their femininity. They want to recapture sexiness consumed by motherhood, celebrate their triumph over breast cancer, honor their recent hard work losing weight or becoming more fit, or any of a multitude of other significiant events." 

I began looking at photographs of women's bodies in a different way. It was transformative for me to being to see the art, the lines, the colors, the form and various perspectives. What I may have once viewed as borderline porn, I now see as a celebration, a freedom, an embrace of the physical body. Perhaps because I (not unlike so many women) have a tumultuous relationship with my body. The years of negative dialogue we use to describe our "muffin tops" or "saggy boobs", we rarely celebrate the belly that grew 10 times its normal size to carry our babies or our strong legs that have carried us great distances. 

So after this beautiful Mama of two girls bravely bared some skin for me to photograph as a surprise to her hubby for their wedding anniversary, I was hooked. The beauty of the photo goes beyond the actual image but for those who appreciate the art, it is as if you can hear the essence of the soul speaking in physical form. Or as Brian would attest, it's just hot. And that is a nice added bonus.

Love & Light,

I know this post should include a few boudoir photos, but I promise to post a few soon! Meanwhile here are some recent nature shots.

Walking through my in-law's backyard in NY this past December.

The sunrise rainbow in front of our house last week. It was a full rainbow, gorgeous.

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