Monday, January 28, 2013

A Blanket of Birds

There is an Alfred Hitchcock movie called The Birds, that I felt as though I had stepped into today. As the weather shifted from a morning freeze to a sunny yet chilly afternoon, I looked out my bedroom window to what appeared to be thousands of robins on the trees and in the yard. I slowly tiptoed outside with my camera in hand trying to get a photo of the blanket of birds, when one of the boys banged on the window to get my attention and thousands (okay probably a few hundred) of robins engulfed me for higher ground. If I was not so afraid of being eaten by a swarm of red-breasted beasts, I might have had a great shot. 

I was so surprised by the large number of robins that I had to look up the meaning of robin in Ted Andrews's Animal Speak book. According to Andrews, the robin signifies the spread of new growth. He says that migration of robins occur due to lack of food and not to avoid cold weather as many believe. If the food supplies are beneficial, the robin will make its home year-round despite the weather. I guess my lawn is like the local Cook Out restaurant because they were all feasting like chow hounds.

I of course texted my neighbor, good friend and fellow animal mystic to tell her about the robins. She had a very profound point that maybe the robins are here to remind us that despite it being wintery and cold, new growth and the life force of mother nature still thrives. I thought this was a powerful interpretation. Andrews says when robin appears it is to help you in the process of creating new growth in your life. 

These little guys have given me some things to think about today; and after I shook off my fear of being attacked by the swarm of these red-breasted creatures, I did get a few cute shots.

Love & Light,

I was really far away so it is kind of a grainy, blurry shot. Plus, I don't think he appreciated me photographing him bathing!

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  1. Stacy-Great post and those are AWESOME shots! I love them! You always.
    xo, M