Friday, January 11, 2013

95 on 95

A common frustration once you become a parent is the diminished amount of alone time as defined as those solo moments you once took for granted as a naive twenty-something that are now a distant memory.  A regular "disagreement" that Brian and I have is about what constitutes alone time. As a stay at home mom, alone time is scheduled and often includes (but is not limited to) grocery shopping, laundry, or dentist appointments. Brian's rebuttal when I complain of not enough alone time is that he too does not get alone time. I respond, "But you go to work, you sit in an office that is completely your own, you drive by yourself, in a car!" He says this does not count, he is working. "It counts!" I respond. 

In those infrequent moments when I am alone in my car, I feel like a different person. A rebel who wants to drive fast, roll down all the windows and let my hair swirl wildly around my face. I blast the radio to loud music with inappropriate lyrics and crank a base that rivals the most obnoxious teenaged boy driving his Daddy's Cadillac with spinning rims.

Now for clarity and to avoid e-mails of concern from my family about potential reckless driving, I don't really go 95 mph on I 95. However, I do have a few girlfriends who escaped for a few hours and were pulled over for speeding on random side roads (those friends will remain nameless, Whit...). If those officers were not single, 22-year-old men who get to sleep in on their days off, they would have fully understood the reason mothers of young children need to speed when they are alone. We need to drive faster than our minds can think, and that is often much faster than 35 mph. There should be some type of "Exemption: Mother of Young Children" card we pull from our wallet to get out of those tickets, because crying does not always work.

All this being said, I feel like I do need to state that I am not saying I don't enjoy staying at home with the boys, because this is not the message that I am trying to send, (although this is the message that husbands often hear). I just sometimes need to be alone, far away from any other living, breathing soul; and sometimes I feel a need to drive fast, and drown my to-do list in Rap music and crazy cold wind that makes me giddy. Then I come home and I feel grounded, I am a better mom, a better wife; just from a little time alone. 

Love & Light,

It was 64 degrees on Tuesday. We picked up a few boys and headed to run free.

This was the best group shot I could get.

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