Sunday, December 30, 2012


There should be an acronym for how mothers feel after the holidays. Everyone knows PMS and when my family hears it, if they are smart, they run and hide. Well, I am officially naming the feeling of frustration, irritability, anxiety/anger producing flashes that follow the holiday season as GMS (Grouchy Mother Syndrome). Here is why. 

The house is a DISASTER. All the kids' presents are open and pieces are laying, EVERYWHERE! If I step on one more lego piece in my bare feet, I threaten to stick the vacuum hose in the lego box and suck them all up. There are four suitcases and fourteen bags to unpack and something is always missing. The Christmas tree and decorations need to be taken down. I cannot get the damn lights off the tree without a thousand pine needles falling to the floor and when I turn around Nolan is rehanging the ornaments onto the tree that I just packed away. The laundry, good God, the laundry. The boys are exhausted from parties and sugar and scream if one of them looks at the other. 

All I want to do is curl up in my bed and nap. But flying Nerf arrows and haunting karaoke tunes saturate my house. Nolan crashes his scooter into my new table as Cole begs to find more batteries for another toy he wants to open and I just LOSE it. And I YELL! They stop and look at me like I am the meanest mother EVER and I feel a twinge of guilt but I have had it! DONE!! 

So there is my admission. I have GMS. I am a grouchy mother with post holiday angst and banishing me to my room alone would be the only fair punishment. If other mothers suffering with this syndrome want to join my support group, the meetings will be held at a local spa (that serves wine).

Love & Light,

And then, after my little fit, I find them doing this. Quietly. I had to take pictures.

 Cole races each car and then records the results.

 Nolan said this was like the traffic we drove through coming through D.C. He was right! It added 2 hours to our trip!

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  1. I too, have GMS. Very sad that your support meetings will be local as it would take me all day to drive to you! I almost pulled the whole tree down over a strand of lights that was stuck. I love the real tree....putting it up, but curse at myself when taking it down! Max got the little peg things that you place onto a shape and then I have stepped not only on the lego pieces, but the tiny little pegs and I hear them scittering over the hard wood floors too. Anyway, deep breath, grab a glass of vino...this too shall pass....xo, M