Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gingerbread Memories, Marshmallow Dreams

Our good friends hosted the second annual gingerbread house building party. Tasha goes all out and pre-makes the houses, and sets up everything; complete with Christmas carols and Laura's hot cocoa. The kids laughed and ate too many sweets and carried home their masterpieces in their sticky little hands. Tasha and Laura and I ate donuts and watched as our kids reveled in the Christmas spirit.

The night before we went to Whitney's where we ate too many cookies and drank too much vodka and danced to Justin Beiber and Journey with beer bottle and hair brush microphones. We spun our kids around in circles and laughed at inappropriate adult jokes as the kids played hide and seek. I always cry every year before I leave Whitney's, I tell her it is not a good party unless I cry. I felt like I was at a movie, where the sweet indie music is playing and people are just happy and all is good in the world.

Today I am grateful for the kids who effortlessly embrace the Christmas spirit and to their parents who do so much to create the happy memories for them to tuck away deep in the pockets of their sweet sugar plum dreams.

Love & Light,

 Tasha is the best.

 I brought the Krispie Kreme's.

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