Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Wonderland

Driving back to Virginia after our annual Christmas trip to New York is bitter sweet. I am sad to leave the snow, but also happy to leave it; sad to leave our family but happy to get home. I think coming off a sugar high from the constant ingestion of cookies and chocolate can start to cause withdrawal symptoms. I am also a bit sleep deprived due to the fact that the older you get, you realize you just don’t sleep well anywhere but your own bed (and even then, you don’t always sleep so well). 

Christmas for my boys will most likely always be in New York. It means we have to get creative with ways to pack Santa gifts and listening to Brian ask EVERY year why I have to pack a suitcase THAT big, and me to respond with a nasty tone that I need all that stuff (when I wore maybe half of it). But between the boys’ memories and my photographs they will vividly recall the sledding, the games, the hide and seek with cousins, the sleep overs, the food and just being with family and friends. These are the moments that make Christmas. Kind of like those photographs that when you look close are really made up of thousands of little photographs, seconds of time, moments that make up the big picture. These moments are our Christmas. 

I read a quote recently that said at Christmas time there seems to be a longing for something that we do not search or seek for at most other times of the year. I don’t think we start to recognize this feeling until we are young adults, and that longing may be as simple as the ability to experience the holidays again as a child. When the excitement of family, snow, presents, Christmas lights and magic hidden elves are all a wonder. When hours of sledding with cousins followed by Grandma’s hot cocoa with marshmallows is the best day ever; sleeping comes easy and energy is endless. This is what I tried to capture this year in my photos; wonder and energy. And if you zoom in and focus the lens, you see it everywhere.

Love & Light,

Jaxon and Cole
Uncle Cheyne hits the jump.
Brian catches some air.
Drew Bear
Annie makes it almost half way down!

The sledding crew.
Jax and Tye.
Cole and me.
Enjoying being a kid again.
What would sledding be without hot cocoa?
Snow Days.

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