Friday, November 16, 2012

This Old Dog and her Blog

I have been working on creating a new blog. To those of you who think you are fairly tech savvy, you realize how little you really know once you enter the underground of the technological world. And really, I know very little considering I am still not fully sure how a television works or really anything you plug into a wall. If I thought too much about it, I might start walking around mumbling to myself because my ignorance far outweighs my understanding of probably about 95% of just about everything. This is okay with me; keeping it simple right here. However, creating a new blog is forcing me to think outside of my comfort zone. I hired a very talented web designer to help me, so she is doing the bulk of the work and she is probably shaking her head when she receives multiple middle of the night e-mails of my ramblings trying to understand widgets, buttons, pages, imports and exports.

My switch to a new blog is mostly for financial purposes, it gets expensive to run this blog and because my photographs are large, I keep having to purchase disk space. There are times when I just want to junk the blog and not do it anymore but then that same day I will get an e-mail from a friend who said my blog made her laugh. Or when I think that my kids will someday have this diary of photos and random thoughts, a chance to know me as a young mother; it keeps me writing. Mostly though, I feel it is my plug into a creative piece of myself that I probably would not otherwise use, instead I would spend my late night evenings watching multiple reality shows and eating Lucky Charms from the box (and just the cereal part because the boys ate all the marshmallows, GRRRR...).

So I continue to try and figure out codes and read how to use conversion tools to change formats to export and import images, to try and learn to speak a bit of a different language to convey what it is that I want. Brian finds me on the computer at 2 am ,and he just shakes his head. But I tell him I am trying to learn. I am trying to keep that part of my brain active where I still have the capacity to learn. I am testing that old school belief that it is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. And this old dog is working hard.

Here are just a few of my favorite photos of a family photo shoot I did a few weeks ago. This family was not only super cute but very, very nice and I really could feel the love between them all.

Love & Light,


I love the dad and son profile photo. So sweet.

This (above) is one of my favorite shots.

I love the photos that capture what a mom's life is REALLY like. Posed photos are nice for the Christmas cards but I love the candid moments because they are a glimpse into each family member's personalities and lives.

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  1. Stacy do not stop!! Your blog is wonderful and if you lived closer I would ask for you to take my family pictures!! You are very talented and at times when I read your blog it is like you are reading my mind!! Have a great Holiday and get some sleep ;) xo Carrie